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thom browne 2017春夏系列

当每个人都把大字放在服装上而将其称之为时尚设计的时候,Browne先生依然保持冷静,我行我素。核心的工艺、奇异变幻的想象、精湛剪裁传统打造出的令人难忘的奢华和别具一格的美丽,这一切互相融合,促使了2017年春/夏Thom Browne男装系列的诞生。


模特:Oliver Hayes 与 Ever Model Management & Heo Hyun 与 Agency Garten

造型师: Perpetua Ip

摄影师:Kwannam Chu

化妆师:Leo Soyeon

制作人:Angel Moon

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thom browne s/s 2017

When everyone is just putting big ass words on garments and calling it fashion design, Mister Browne simply keeps his cool and doing his own thing – which is mixing hardcore craftsmanship, phantasmagoric imagination, and golden traditions of tailoring into something unforgettably opulent and outrageously beautiful. This is the spring summer 2017 Thom Browne menswear collection.

Models : Oliver Hayes with Ever Model Management & Heo Hyun with Agency Garten

Stylist: Perpetua Ip

Photographer : Kwannam Chu

Groomer : Leo Soyeon

Producer : Angel Moon


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