Velvet is one of those materials that has remained eternal in its class and sophistication throughout the years. The soft and delicate yet bold and majestic attitude it exudes is exhibited finely by the likes of G.V.G.V.’s incredible range of clothes and accessories, the stunning full-length dress from XIAO LI, and the gorgeous tops from TOGA ARCHIVES and GALLERY MUVEIL. These velvet outfits are the kinds that let you make a statement of how gentle femininity can also bear an air of strength and power.

Photographer: Bin Shin Su (@waist_)
Stylist: Perpetua Ip (@runwildrun)
Model: Rui Qi Jiang (@jjiangruiqi)
Makeup & hair Artist: Xin Ran Li (@xxrr_lee)
Styling Assistant: Jan Li (@janli)
Producer: Patrick Jang (@oolongzzz)