Before we settled and learned agriculture, human beings were naturally nomadic. There are lasting influences from this impermanent nature that can be seen in indigenous cultures around the world. Not to mention how our instincts remind us of it when we enjoy the freedom of movement.

It is that feeling – the very human joy of being free to move about – that all these outfits designed by Loewe are trying to invoke. Influenced by tribal designs, these outfits will flow around you while hugging you tightly in just the right balance. These are outfits that rejoice in natural human freedom.
Photographer: Kwannam Chu (@wecouldgrowup2gether)
Stylist: Perpetua Ip (@runwildrun)
Assisted by: Jan Li (@janli)
Model: Tobias Schramm @ Esteem Models & Sam van Humskerker @ EVER Model
Makeup & hair artist: Jane Kim (@m_j108)
Producer: Angel Moon (@angelmoon_13) & Sophia Kim (@pommerules)