Korean brand BLINDNESS, was one of the semi-finalists of the LVMH prize 2017. With design duo Shin Kyu Yong and Ji Sun leading the way, the brand doesn’t bend gender, doesn’t break gender, but is entirely blind to gender. The freeing quality of these complete looks from the wildly radical fashion designers will leave you and everyone around you struck with awe. This may be a time when you put on a pearled mask and feel like you are finally shedding a more deeply ingrained one. Come, be free.

Photographer: Kwannam Chu (@wecouldgrowup2gether)
Producer: Angel Moon (@angelmoon_13)
Stylist: Perpetua Ip (@runwildrun)
Assistant: @1995.img
Groomer: @wonderwomansy & @ay__mua
Model: Woo Sung (@woosung3) & Sehan (@sehanism)  @ Esteem Entertainment