Many flamboyant colorful pieces from the Thom Browne Spring Summer 18 menswear collection didn’t make it to the runway simply because the designer, Mr. Browne, made some cut throat final tweak before the catwalk began“It was stronger that way,” he said backstage in an interview for New York Times, “somehow, it just seemed less… fashion.” Less fashion and more subtle we agree, yet not forgettable and we praise. Though it may look a lot greyer and simpler, the collection is, surprisingly, a lot more complicated than one might think – many patterns have to be cut and created to accommodate a newer fresher silhouette that is different from the past seasons, like the broader waists and the skinnier hips … the new proportion is a result from Browne’s interpretation on gender fluidity – which can be translated as his intention to not dress men as women, but to let men prance in dresses and heels, breathing the feminine sensibility, also a cultural statement that is with the least political agenda – a liberation from what we are “supposed” to wear, and a celebration of one’s open-mindedness …

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