We all value our privacy, but we also want to be seen and heard. In a way, our entire lives are about being semi-translucent. These outfits put together with items from KENZO, XIAOLI, TSUMORI CHISATO, YCH, Simone Rocha and G.V.G.V. are a reflection of that ideal, with sheer, colourful fabrics being used to give a partially see-through effect. Just transparent enough to see, but hidden enough to leave a little mystery.

Photographer: Min Hyunwoo (@29min)
Produced by: Angel Moon (@iamangelmoonie) & Hyoni Jeon (@js_hyoni)
Stylist: Perpetua Ip (@runwildrun)
Hair & Makeup artist: 장해인 (@shewas10)
Model: Jimin Hwang (@gttlv) @ Alie Company

Simone Rocha and TSUMORI CHISATO available at ITeSHOP:
– Simone Rocha – https://hk.iteshop.com/b_it/b/SIMONE+ROCHA
– TSUMORI CHISATO – https://hk.iteshop.com/b_it/b/TSUMORI+CHISATO