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Plaid with me

Feature, Girl|

Plaid can sometimes be seen as a bit traditional and straight edged. But outfits like FYODOR GOLAN’s denim and PVC ruffles skirt as a top is a perfect example of how playful plaid can be. We’ve put together a few examples of how combining the brands at I.T can give your wardrobe a modern and [...]

November 8th, 2017

Just a little off

Feature, Girl|

There's something compelling about design that plays with symmetry and balance. These collections throw together shapes that sometimes fit, and sometimes are just asymmetrical enough to make you want more. The main items give an askew base to the outfits, with an OPENING CEREMONY dress, a LIMI feu blazer, a cape from MSGM and a [...]

October 18th, 2017

Checking you out

Feature, Girl|

Sometimes it's hard to incorporate patterned items into your outfits in a way that works. But these outfits make it easy to throw on some checks and stay in vogue. It's worth taking a look at the checked and houndstooth patterned jackets from Stella McCartney, No°21, MSGM and SHUSHU/TONG this season because these could be [...]

September 27th, 2017

Tender touch

Feature, Girl|

Velvet is one of those materials that has remained eternal in its class and sophistication throughout the years. The soft and delicate yet bold and majestic attitude it exudes is exhibited finely by the likes of G.V.G.V.'s incredible range of clothes and accessories, the stunning full-length dress from XIAO LI, and the gorgeous tops from [...]

September 20th, 2017

Easy rider

Boy, Feature|

Which fashion item is it that makes the man? Well sometimes, we don't want a man - sometimes it's the boy in the biker jacket that's the most appealing look. But there isn't just one biker jacket is there? FAITH CONNEXION, NONA9ON, OFF-WHITE and _JUJLIUS have all given a fashionable twist on a leathery classic [...]

September 13th, 2017

Dark footprints

Feature, Stuff|

Move aside little black dress; black footwear is now taking centre stage. Each of these dark items has been embellished delightfully to become the true talking point of your outfit. There are exotic sandals from Simone Rocha, sexy leather numbers from N°21 and Coliac, and some stylish sneakers that are the product of the collaboration [...]

September 6th, 2017

The line up

Feature, Girl|

As stylish as the Hamburglar ever was, the stripes of today's fashion far exceed even his wide-brimmed hat and cape chic. Iconic brands like PORTS 1961, Acne Studios and IRO are bringing you some finely crafted striped items – from gorgeous coats and blazers to bulky pants – which, alone, are stunning. But when you [...]

August 23rd, 2017

Instinctive femininity

Boy, Feature, Girl|

The woman is an indescribable creature, and the feminine an intriguing subject that fashion is constantly in play with. The Acne Studios collection for the Fall/Winter brings together a wide range of items that highlight the sophisticated sides of the modern woman. Charming knitwear temper flowing gowns and striped shirts, while floral tunics and flared [...]

August 16th, 2017

Black beauty

Feature, Girl|

It is sometimes that the most beautiful creations are found in the deepest of darkness. The little black dress may be almost a cliché of the fashion world, but the outfits in the Black collection that we have put together are anything but typical or ordinary, and could be considered some of the finest craftsmanship [...]

August 10th, 2017
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