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深受一众知名时尚女星欢迎的人气法国品牌IRO今季请来超模Sasha Pivovarova演绎最新2017秋冬系列,延伸早秋的丛林冒险主题,加入了大量复古元素,包括油彩印花、金属色调、斜裁设计及荷叶边等细节,带来剪裁独特的连身裙、牛仔褛、透视上衣等单品。 配色方面除了选用深红及深灰等冬日色彩外,特别注入金属色调,为系列添上奢华味道,带来丰富视觉效果。其次图案方面则主打具中古色彩的暗花,赋予成熟的韵味, 主打通花上衣与oversized针织毛衣,性感露肩的设计型格得来不失女人味,完美混搭奢华与街头时尚。 系列现已登陆以下香港IRO及I.T专门店: IRO 中环雪厂街10号 / 铜锣湾百德新街58号 / 尖沙咀海港城2224A /尖沙咀新港中心LG001 I.T 铜锣湾希慎道 / 金钟太古广场 / 九龙塘又一城

十月 23rd, 2017

Paris fashion week streetstyle – episode 7

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Getting Insta-famous might be a couple of selfies or clown-like streetstyle outfits away these days, but true style with grace & glory is cultivated through time & experience. Just look at these fashion veterans with their glowing aura and subtle longevity, to us, these are way radder things than alien spaceship sneakers or loaned looks on influencers ... [...]

十月 14th, 2017

Stella McCartney I.T希慎旗舰店期间限定展览

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为隆重其事Stella McCartney女装首度登陆香港I.T,I.T特意于香港铜锣湾希慎旗舰店设立为期一个月的期间限定展览,展示一系列Stella McCartney 2017年的最新秋冬时尚单品,并独家发售与品牌合作推出的两款联乘单品,分别是灰色星星透视图案针织Tee及裤管饰有黑色皮革荷叶边的蓝色牛仔裤,款式时尚百搭,相信必定深得粉丝们的喜爱。 Stella McCartney 2017年秋冬女装系列期间限定展览 地点:铜锣湾希慎道1号 日期:即日至10月31日

十月 12th, 2017

Paris fashion week streetstyle – episode 6

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From transcending, or should we say re-imagining, the iconic Ikea Frakta into an overpriced it bag in scrumptious leather to starting a shit-storm controversy on whether ugly crocs should ever be the pretty trendy thing, Georgian fashion designer slash Royal Academy of Fine Arts alumni slash head designer of Vetements Demna Gvasalia sure knows how to make Balenciaga a headline again and again and again. [...]

十月 7th, 2017

Paris fashion week streetstyle – episode 5

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Gender can be a fluid thing; race must never been an issue; beauty should be boundary-less; and our minds just have to be always opened for something that is out of the box. From the runways of Acne Studios to Céline during Paris fashion week, we have witnessed boyish model girls strutting and slaying the catwalk with edge, grace, and [...]

十月 5th, 2017

Paris fashion week streetstyle – episode 3

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Big ass shades might make you look extra rad and nonchalant; phantasmagoric ridiculous clown clothes might even get you on; but nothing is more fashionable than a genuine killer smile that beams sunshine and positivity! Photographed by @igotoschoolbybuslol

十月 2nd, 2017
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